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Parish Hall - NewgateThe Parish Hall is conveniently situated adjacent to St. Mary's, in Newgate. The Hall is regularly used for church events, table-top sales, morning coffee and afternoon teas, WI sales etc. The Hall is available to rent for commercial, community and church purposes.

The Pittuck Mural

The Pittuck Mural, covering the width of the interior east wall in the Parish Hall has been a point of interest ever since the Hall was constructed in the late 1950's. It was painted as a gift to the town by local artist Douglas Pittuck. It depicts the life and times of Barnard Castle after the Second World War, showing many local landmarks, and featuring local people dressed in the style of the times.

In recent years it had deteriorated seriously, but remedial work has now been carried out on the external wall to solve the problem of penetrating damp, and it has now been professionally restored. It was formally unveiled at the Friends Festival on Sunday 6th July 2003.

The mural after restoration

The Pittuck Mural


The church is grateful to the family of Douglas Pittuck and many other friends who have contributed to this cause, and to GlaxoSmithKline, Teesdale District Council and the Small Projects Fund of Durham County Council who have all made generous grants to allow the restoration.

Old Images

Before building




Before the building of the Parish Hall in 1957 the site was occupied by cottages and (further down Newgate) the Unitarian church.






Opening ceremony 1957


Laying the foundation stone of the Parish Hall in 1957.