Dear All

In church we mark time with colours as well as with clocks. As the clock outside on the church tower chimes the passing hours of the day, inside the church building the seasons of the church year are marked by changing the colours in which the church is dressed. We have white and gold for Christmas and Easter, purple for Advent and Lent, red for Pentecost and Remembrance and green for the great ‘growing seasons’ of the year – the stretch of Sundays ‘after Trinity’ that will lead us through the summer months into the autumn.

Last week’s gospel reading was full of seeds and sowing. The parable of the mustard seed has stuck in my mind ever since we re-read it. ‘The tiniest of seeds’ said Jesus, ‘and yet…and yet.’ All around us at the moment there is an unstoppable energy of growth: the grass needs cutting, the flower beds need tending and crops in the field are waiting for the sun to bring them on. ‘The kingdom of God is like this’, said Jesus.

Like what? In what ways do these word pictures show us what the Kingdom is like? Perhaps Jesus was hinting at just how His ministry would create a domino effect around him of grace, forgiveness, acceptance and faithfulness as people embraced the gospel and were brought into relationship with their loving heavenly Father? The energy that His ministry released into the world continues to have an effect 2000 years on and has now reached and touched us. We give thanks.

Or maybe the focus of Jesus’ thought was on the hiddenness contained within these parables: seeds growing pretty well unnoticed until harvest, the mustard seed ‘doing its thing’ until, as a great bush, it was able to provide shade for the birds of the air. If this was his intent then perhaps our response is to take time to notice the signs of the kingdom around us, for, as he said himself, ‘those who seek will find’.

However you read these parables perhaps these months of growing might inspire in you a desire to notice God’s work around you (hidden in plain view) and to reflect on how His presence has transformed your life since the first seeds of the gospel were planted in your heart and mind?