PCC Minutes - April 2015

A meeting of the Parochial Church Council of St. Mary’s Barnard Castle with Whorlton took place on Monday 13th April 2015 at 7.30pm in the vestry.

1. Present

Alec Harding, David Blakely, Dave Bailey, Margaret Miles, Keith Miles, Louise Hosey, Andy Miller, John Emerson, Ann Woodward, Jean Tallentire, Jane Lawson-Goldberg

2. Apologies

Frances Stenlake, Robert Stenlake, Linda Alderson, Sue Peat

3. Declarations of interest


4. Items for Any Other Business (urgent items only will be considered)

Church Cottage

5. Safeguarding

The PCC noted that Roger & Polly Ohr have attended SG1 training and that Keith Miles, Clare Trevett, Caroline Piercy are booked on a course for SG1& 2 training on June 6th 2015. Dave Bailey and Helen Scott have attended both SG1& 2 training. Kim Harding and Frances Stenlake already have SG1 training and may be able to attend part of the session on June 6th to bring this up to SG2.

Following his training Dave Bailey will go through the Parish Checklist to see if there are any matters that need to be addressed.

6. Minutes of the PCC meeting held 2nd March 2015

These were agreed to be a true record and signed.

7. Matters arising

a) Barnard Castle Church:

i) Pew cushions and pew lengths: The vicar reported that the pew cushions would be delivered the next day. It was suggested that they be labelled so that they do not become confused (the pews being of unequal length). The vicar would encourage Antony Nixons to progress the work on the pews.

ii) Defibrillator: As there was no news from the Town Council: this item will be removed from the agenda

iii) Church Floodlighting: A contractor had been in touch to visit to replace the faulty fittings but had not then turned up. The Vicar would chase him up.

b) Whorlton

Ann Woodward reported that the electrics/heating certificates have been received and the bill paid. There is still some outstanding work (not from the initial contract) that needs to be done and she will contact Mark Winter.

Churchyard wall: Ann Woodward had obtained a quote for work on the wall which was deemed to be reasonable. The PCC asked however that she seek a second quote so that a decision could be made at the next meeting to proceed. The vicar added that this would give the PCC time to check whether grant assistance from the Heart of Teesdale Landscape Partnership might be forthcoming – it would be unwise to proceed only to miss out on this possibility.

8. Prayer

A ‘resurrection’ prayer was used.

9. Mission: (Prayer-Presence- Proclamation- Persuasion)

a) Songs of praise at Whorlton: March 22nd: Ann Woodward reported that this had been a great success with a good congregation and much appreciation from those who had attended. Thanks were expressed to the vicar and the choir.

b) Easter review: the Easter Day service with a baptism had been a well attended event and enjoyed by all. This year there had been no services at either Whorlton or Barnard Castle on Easter Eve: Ann Woodward felt that a service at Whorlton might not have been well attended.

c) Dementia: The Vicar, Iris Hillery, Ruth Stables and Fran Elliot had been meeting to discuss how the parish. Churches Together might offer support to carers of those with dementia. A public event is being planned for the afternoon of June 3rd to assess the need.

d) Godly Play: Catherine Wilkinson has expressed a willingness to attend the Godly Play Training at Evenwood in June and to join the team who offer Godly Play in Green Lane School. The cost is £295. The PCC has restricted and designated funds for children’s work and agreed to meet this cost.

10. Finance

a) Finance report: nothing to report.

b) Stewardship report: no recent meeting, but four new members have been recruited with one person interested in the accounting side. David and Ruth Blakely were thanked for all their work. The committee needs, at some point, to discuss the building up of reserves.

11. Building Matters

i) The Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair: The PCC noted the success of the application for grant aid and expressed their thanks to Robert and Frances for their work in submitting the application. The PCC authorised Robert Stenlake, David Bailey and John Elliot to form a committee to liaise with the architect and contractors and gave them permission to co-opt other members if necessary.

ii) Barnard Castle Heating: This is still not fixed. We are waiting for a report from the engineers.

12. Committee and group reports

i) Wardens report: The APCM will follow a short service on the morning of Sunday April 26th. Up to 7 new members are needed for the PCC. A number of names were suggested and these people will be approached to see if they would be willing to stand. The farewell to Rev Dr Andy Miller and family is to take place at 11am on Sunday 24th May following a 10am service.

ii) Funsoc: Information has been circulated regarding dates of planned events.

iii) Communications Group: Some changes have been made to the website but future developments may include a giving page and information on WWI and Whorlton.

13. AOB: Church Cottage

Margaret informed the PCC that, sadly, the current tenant had been found dead at the cottage. The cottage has been made secure. The PCC agreed that David Bailey should change the locks this week. Mr Swanston’s family will be here during the week beginning April 27th to clear the cottage and for the funeral. The family has offered to leave furniture in the cottage if it is of use to us. The PCC then held an initial discussion about the future of Church Cottage. At some point we need to decide whether it is to be re-let or whether it should be sold. John Emerson has offered to look at the financial implications of the two options.

The meeting closed at 8.27pm with the Grace.

The next meeting will be the APCM, at 11am on Sunday April 26th 2015.

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