PCC Minutes - July 2014

A Meeting of the Parochial Church Council of St Mary's Barnard Castle with Whorlton held on Monday 14th July 2014 in the Vestry at 7.30pm.

1. Present

Rev Alec Harding (Chair), Andy Miller, Jane Goldberg (Secretary), David Blakely, Margaret Miles, Sue Peat, David Bailey, Louise Hosey, Jean Tallentire, John Emerson, Ann Woodward, Debbie Steel.

2. Apologies

From Keith Miles, Linda Alderson, Robert Stenlake and Frances Stenlake.

3. Declarations of Interest


4. Items for Any Other Business


5. Minutes of Previous Meeting held on June 23rd 2014

Were approved and signed.

6. Matters Arising

a) Fit and proper persons declarations

John and Jean are about to hand the completed form to Robert. Linda and Astley are still to complete the form.

b) Barnard Castle Church

(i) Lighting – we have received the electrical certificate. Alec is waiting for a date for the new fittings to be fitted. It was noted that the fitter should not go up the ladders on his own.

(ii) Bell Chamber Repairs – these are ongoing.

c) Whorlton Works

(i) Electrics/Heating – the PCC discussed the three quotes received for the works.

This PCC agrees to the renewal of the tubular pew heaters at St. Mary’s Whorlton and other minor electrical improvements recommended by our insurers as per the specification prepared by Astley Fenwick (March 2014).

This PCC agrees expenditure on the above of £3960 (inclusive of VAT) as per the tender for the work submitted by Mark Winter Electrics and dated 3.7.14. The PCC also agreed that any potential expenditure on these works that might be incurred over and above this figure could be agreed by the Standing Committee.

d) Mission

(i) Parish Website – the PCC agreed to the expenditure on updating the church website proposed by the Communications Group in the paper circulated with the agenda. The new cost with Church 123 will be £215 a year

(ii) Hymns and Pimms – this was an excellent evening and it has been suggested that perhaps four Evensong services take place in Whorlton during the year.

(iii) Everybody Welcome – the committee are taking the ideas forward, including making leaflets and brochures available at the Wednesday Coffee Mornings.

7. Finance

(a) Finance Report – this was circulated prior to the meeting and was received by the PCC.

8. Study

A reading, hymn and prayer in recognition of John Keble day at the end of the meeting.

9. Green Lane CE School

a) SIAMS Inspection – this is taking place on 15/7/14.

b) Big Story/Godly Play – this has been very successful, mainly concentrating on old testament stories so far. Next year the 2 hourly sessions will look at parables.

c) Foundation Governor (upcoming vacancy) – there will be a vacancy in November 2014.

10. Committee and Group Reports

(i) Wardens

(a) Quinquennial Inspection Arrangements – the architect, Christopher Cotton, is visiting the church on 17th and 18th July. He will be given access to all parts of the church and to logs and certificates. He will be advised not to visit the bell tower until David Bailey is present.

(b) Waste Bins – these now need to be put out on Thursday evenings and those locking the church will be asked to do this..

(c) Church View Cottage – the rent will remain at the current level.

(d) Down pipes and gutters – have been cleared.

(e) Caretaker –he will be on holiday for two weeks.

In addition the PCC discussed the possibility that mould was appearing on the bottom of pew legs in the church. The QI architect will be asked for his opinion about this Jean Tallentire suggested that a new seat be placed in Whorlton church yard: the suggestion will be taken to the Whorlton Committee.

(ii) Funsoc

There are to be guitar recitals on 2nd and 3rd August, and a rock night in the Parish Hall on 18th October.

(iii) Communications Group

Will meet on 1st September at the start of the new website trial.

(iv) SMDT

Nothing to report.

(v) Deanery Synod

There is a new synod, with Chair – Lynn Lobley

Treasurer – Peter Graham
Secretary – Claire Gibbs.

The diocese is promoting three priorities for its work: Growth, Children and Young People, and Addressing Poverty.

Alec provided information on recent appointments in the Upper Dale; Jonathan Barker on the South Side and Alison Wallbank as a House for duty priest for Middleton, Eggleston and Forest. These two clergy will be working together across the diocesan boundary

(vi) Whorlton

Ann reported on a very successful wedding held at the church, with family connections to the village. The church will be opening for the day on 4th August with visitors being encouraged to bring readings and poems associated with the First World War. Ann asked whether anyone could be available to lead prayers at 3pm. Some branches have come down from trees in the churchyard. Robsons have been asked to clear them from where they have fallen into the grounds of Whorlton Hall. Ann is to put together a list of further works required to tidy up the churchyard and will ask Robson’s to provide a quote.

11. AOB

Parish Hall Lease – after 5 years the rent is due to be reviewed. Discussions with the PHA need to be held to discuss the possible updating of the lease. It was noted that in addition to a yearly rent of £700, during the last 5 years the PHA has spent more than £23,000 on the building. Sue Peat and Robert Stenlake are to renegotiate the lease with the PHA.

12. Date of Next Meeting

September 8th 7:30pm.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm.

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