PCC Minutes - July 2015

Minutes PCC meeting held on Monday 20th July 2015 at 7.30pm in the vestry.

Prior to the meeting members placed their ideas for fundraising on post-it notes on the flip chart. These will be collated and passed to the FunSoc committee.

1. Present

Alec Harding (chair), Sue Peat, Joan Kemp-Ambler, Margaret Miles, Keith Miles, Jennifer Gibson, Dave Bailey, John Emerson, Malcolm Makepeace, Robert Stenlake, Ann Woodward, Louise Hosey, Jean Tallentire, David Walker (secretary).

2. Apologies

Frances Stenlake, Gordon Long, Susan Long, John Rawlins, Catherine Wilkinson, Belinda Thompson

3. Declarations of interest


4. Items for Any Other Business (urgent items only will be considered)


5. Safeguarding

All 11 renewal forms have been issued, completed and returned to the Diocese for processing.

6. Minutes of the PCC meeting held 15th June 2015

These were agreed as a true record and duly signed by the Chair.

7. Matters arising

a) Barnard Castle Church:

i) Pews: no progress despite chivvying.

ii) Church Floodlighting: no progress despite chivvying.

iii) The Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair: tenders are being prepared and suggestions were requested for possible contractors. Vest Construction was put forward.

iv) Barnard Castle Heating: there is to be a meeting involving Vince Rumis in church this week

v) Church Cottage: there have been six viewings so far and one offer has been made. This is for £85,000 which was deemed to be too far below the asking price (£100,000). It was agreed to hold tight for the moment in anticipation of further offers.

vi) The following insurance conditions from Ecclesiastical Insurance were noted:

I confirm that the following cover remains excluded as per your policy document: Vandalism or malicious acts

Escape of water or oil Water freezing Theft or attempted theft Breakage of glass or sanitary fixtures
And that as from renewal on 25 December 2015 cover will be restricted further to Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft and Property Owners Liability if the property remains unoccupied.

b) Whorlton

The churchyard wall has been repaired to a good standard. The moles have not yet been eliminated. LED fittings have been repaired and the work has been paid for through a donation.

8. Prayer

Alec led us in prayer, using Ephesians 2: 11-22 as a reading especially appropriate to the following item.

9. Church music

The Vicar reported on the resignation of Roger Ohr as Director of Church Music and Organist. This had been formally recognised and a presentation was made at the 10.30 service on 19th July to Roger and Polly in recognition of their valuable contribution to the life of the church. The reasons for Roger’s resignation were provided in his resignation letter and clarified in discussion with the Vicar:

  • Lack of support from the choir and dissatisfaction with their attitude in general.
  • Health concerns not helped by additional stress of situation with choir.
  • Concern over perceived change in contractual arrangements.

Roger has intimated that he is willing to play the organ on a casual basis.

This situation gives rise to a number of issues and the PCC will need to make some important decisions, probably at its next meeting. In the meantime:

Organ: there will be no organ this coming Sunday but cover has been arranged for August. This will need to be reviewed for September.

The Vicar and David Walker will meet with the choir on Friday 24th July at 6.30 to discuss the issues and the future of the choir. The choir will be invited to reflect on the situation and on their behaviour and then consider options for the future. Some members of the PCC expressed the view that it may be necessary to invite confidential feedback.

The PCC then discussed the matter and a wide range of points were raised. There is clear concern over the future of the choir and, in particular, of the Junior Choir.

The item will be placed on the Agenda of the next PCC meeting in September when the issues have been identified and options can be set out clearly for consideration

10. Mission: (Prayer-Presence- Proclamation- Persuasion)

a) Dementia awareness: there will be a session arranged after one of the 10.30 services.

b) History and Mystery Day: this was agreed to be a great success. Peter Wise was congratulated for his ‘tours’ and it was hoped that he could reprise them possibly on the Heritage Weekend later in the year.

c) Parish Breakfast: this will now be held in September.

d) September 12th events at Barnard Castle & Whorlton: The Teddy Bear event will be considered at SMDT next week. The Whorlton Riverside Walk has been organised and will take place in the afternoon, ending with cake.

e) Whorlton Churchyard walk event: this will also take place and involve a detailed view of the churchyard including gravestones etc.

f) Autumn Discipleship course: this is to be based on Pilgrim and will be either Thursday afternoons of evenings.

11. Finance

a) Finance report: The Treasurer presented a detailed report on the budget out-turn for the last annual budget period and also on other relevant issues. The detailed report is appended to these minutes. The report was noted and accepted by the PCC.

b) Stewardship report: nothing to report.

12. Committee and group reports

i. Deanery Synod report: Jane Grieve is moving to become Area Dean of Easington.

ii. FunSoc: will consider fundraising ideas at their next meeting.

iii. Communications Group: a Welcome Pack was produced for the History and Mystery Day and will be generally available for distribution to potential new members of the congregation.

iv. Shared Ministry Development Team: meets next week

13. AOB

There was none

Date of next meeting: September 14th; Further Meetings in 2015: October 19th; November 23rd

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