PCC Minutes - September 2014

A Meeting of the Parochial Church Council of St Mary's Barnard Castle with Whorlton held on Monday 8th September 2014 in the Vestry at 7.30pm.

1. Present

Rev Alec Harding (Chair), Jane Goldberg (Secretary), Margaret Miles, Sue Peat, David Bailey, Louise Hosey, Jean Tallentire, John Emerson, Ann Woodward, Astley Fenwick, Keith Miles, Linda Alderson.

2. Apologies

From Robert and Frances Stenlake, Andy Miller, David Blakely, Debbie Steel.

3. Declarations of Interest


4. Items for Any Other Business

Donation of pew cushions, Methodist Covenant Service.

5. Minutes of Previous Meeting held on July 14th 2014

These were approved and signed.

6. Matters Arising

a) Fit and proper persons declarations

It was noted that all of these have been completed and returned.

b) Barnard Castle Church

(i) Lighting – Lytestream are to attend on 9th September to carry out modifications.

(ii) Bell Chamber Repairs – a representative from the Durham and Newcastle Bell Ringers Group inspected the bells with David Bailey. There is a difficulty with the bearings on the 4th bell. The PCC agreed that up to £500 could be spent on replacing the bearings.

c) Whorlton Works

(i) Electrics/Heating – we are waiting for the Chancellor to give permission for the works to proceed. Alec has applied for various grants to help fund the cost of the works. A meeting needs to be held with the electricians before the works start to discuss, for example, the colour of the covers for the heaters.

d) Barnard Castle Parish Hall Lease

Robert and Sue are to meet with the PHA to discuss the lease.

7. Finance

(a) Finance Report – nothing to report.

(b) Local Giving Officer Report – nothing to report.

8. Study

Preparation for the Parish Day of Prayer to be held on Monday September 15th.

9. Mission

(i) Parish Website – a trial website is up and running. Each member of the committee has responsibility for a part of the website. They are considering the inclusion of a calendar for the PHA and possibly a section for the various rotas associated with St Mary’s.

(ii) Everybody Welcome – a “walk through” the porch for welcomers and sidespeople is to take place at 7pm on 25th September.

(iii) Green Lane School Foundation Governor – a vacancy for this position is coming up in November. The PCC noted that the school was given outstanding in all aspects of the recent SIAMS report. A card to all at the school has been sent from the PCC.

(iv) Commemoration of the Outbreak of WWI – the PCC noted that the services held at both Barnard Castle and Whorlton were very much appreciated and the service at Barnard Castle in particular was well attended.

(v) Parish Day of Prayer – is to be held on 15th September.

(vi) Discipleship Course: Living Faithfully – is to start on Wednesday 17th September.

(vii) Back to Church Sunday – on – September 28th, invitations will be issued for this.

(viii) Harvest Arrangements – FOSMs are arranging a Ceilidh for 3rd October. Whorlton will hold a Harvest evensong on Friday 10th October. A children’s activity day is to be held on 11th October and the harvest service at St Mary’s will be on 12th October, it will be followed by a ploughman’s and apple pie lunch.

(ix) Christmas Services and Dates – these are: November 30th Advent Sunday

December 7th Christingle

December 21st Carol Service in BC

Usual services on 24th and 25th December at BC and Whorlton.

December 28th Carols at Whorlton, 4pm.

10. Committee and Group Reports

(i) Wardens

One of the bollards at the gate is broken. This is to be repaired at our expense. FOSM is to pay for a display system at the church and for a trolley to store the children’s welcome packs.

FOSM has offered to buy new pew cushions, these will be full length for each pew (but bearing in mind that some pews may be shortened in due course). The PCC is very pleased to accept the offer.

The Quinquennial Report has been received.

The autumn clean at Barnard Castle is to be held on November 1st from 10.00am – noon.

Following a recent burial at Whorlton, investigation by the gravedigger shows that there is more burial space available in the church yard. The Parish Council (civil parish) has been given a donation of some land for the creation of a cemetery.

The belfry at Whorlton is to be tidied up after the electrical works have taken place.

The organ at Whorlton is to be tuned.

(a) Request from Whorlton Village Association – the PCC discussed the request from the WVA to fit solar panels on the roof of the village hall (if, indeed, they are permitted). The PCC are in favour of this request in principle, but a number of issues would need to be addressed before the PCC could give approval. These issues include:

Who would be responsible for the maintenance of the panels.

If there are changes in the lease in the future, who would own the panels?

If the panels were to be removed, who would pay, particularly if there was a change in

the leaseholder for the village hall.

(b) Church View Cottage – The PCC authorise the wardens, through the Standing Committee, to manage the damp situation at Church View Cottage and the expenditure required to address the problem..

(ii) Funsoc

The minutes have been circulated..

(iii) Communications Group

This was discussed under 9(i).

(iv) Churches Together in Barnard Castle

The Influence Church is taking over a property on Galgate. They are planning to run a foodbank which will be separate to the one we currently use. The PCC discussed the possible implications of this. Bishop Paul is to give talks on 3 Thursdays during Lent in 2015. Alec is looking into the possibility of supplementing these with talks from representatives from the Bowes Museum regarding the polypitch that is being restored and which shows ‘the passion’ of Christ..

11. AOB

Donation of Pew Cushions was addressed in 10(i)

Methodist Covenant Service – in response to a request from the Methodist Minister, Alec is going to suggest holding a joint Epiphany Service at St Mary’s BC on January 4th and a joint service, the Methodist Covenant service, to be held at the Methodist church on the last Sunday in December.

Thanks were given to Astley for the PAT testing which was completed recently.

Louise gave information about the Big Bang Charity Bash which is to be held on October 18th.

12. Date of Next Meeting

October 6th 7:30pm.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.

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