In this parish we are committed to helping all to feel safe and secure. We have a particular care for children and for vulnerable adults


The Church Council of St. Mary’s Barnard Castle with Whorlton hereby adopts the following policy for children/youth work and vulnerable adults in the parish for the benefit and protection of these people, those working with them and this Church Council.

• To maintain a register of children/youth leaders authorised by the Church Council.

• To maintain a register of people who deal with vulnerable adults authorised by the Church Council.

• To maintain Personal Disclosure and Reference records of all leaders and occasional helpers with access to children/young people and vulnerable adults.

• To form an Appointments Panel comprising the Vicar and two other P.C.C. members (including a least one woman).

• To acknowledge that being convicted, cautioned or bound over for a criminal offence does not automatically debar an individual from working with children/young people or vulnerable adults.

• To provide as safe and welcoming an environment as possible for children/young people and adults who take part in the life of the Church.

• To provide adequate insurance cover for leaders, participants and third parties.

• To maintain records of Information and Permission forms, and Health and parents' Consent forms and should authorise children's and youth programmes, activities carried out on behalf of the church Council on a regular basis.

• To identify an independent person who is named and accessible to all in contact with the Church: Ms Beverley Pilcher. 

• To ensure that groups who are not part of the Church but hire Church Halls for activities are asked if they have DBS checks, adequate insurance and a Child protection/Protection of Vulnerable Adults Policy and to see evidence of this. If the group does not have an appropriate policy they would be asked to adopt the Diocesan policy

Copies of this parish’s policy statement for Children/Youth Work and 'Safe and Secure' the Diocese handbook giving guidelines etc. are available in a file in church and from the Vicarage. Tel.  01833 637018.

This policy to be renewed annually by the Church Council.


If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact:-

Beverley Pilcher

Tel:     01833 690663



or the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor

Beth Miller:
Tel:     07968034075