Shared Ministry Development Team

The current Shared Ministry Development Team (SMDT) was constituted in January 2012 and comprises Revd. Canon Alec Harding, Revd. Andy Miller, John Elliott, Beverley Pilcher,  Allan Jones, Iris Hillery and David Walker.

We met ten times during 2013. The Team is charged with developing the personal discipleship of team members and contributing to the development of shared ministry within the church as a whole. Each meeting comprises a study session and a short act of worship, and a “business” section in which we initiate and plan ministerial development. Having identified issues and initiatives the role of the Team is to pass these on to an appropriate group or individual. The main areas covered during 2013 were:

Communications: the Team identified improvement in communications as being a priority and this was endorsed by the PCC. This was discussed at several meetings, culminating in June when the SMDT meeting was opened up to other stakeholders and interested parties, including the Diocesan Communications Officer who gave a presentation. This then led to the appointment of a church Communications Officer (Iris) and the setting up a Communications Group.

Growth: this fits in with the Diocesan initiative on growth as presented in the Deanery Growth Days. Members of the SMDT attended the Growth Day at which several options for promoting growth were presented and Bishop Mark challenged each parish to choose one as an immediate priority. Welcome was chosen as appropriate, especially in view of the re-ordering of the church porch and car park. A Welcome Group was set up and a Welcome course/ discussions (Everybody Welcome) incorporated into January and February Sunday worship. The Welcome Group now meets periodically to continue their support for Growth.

Study: this was identified as another priority and courses are including the “Pilgrim” course.  A ‘discipleship’ course based on Bishop John Pritchard’s “Living Faithfully” has also been organised for those wishing to explore the impact of faith on daily life’  The aim of these courses is to encourage the spiritual development and discipleship of the whole congregation outside of normal worship times. Devotional books and other resources are made available to members of the congregation and visitors.

Prayer: this is another priority area and seen as key to spiritual development. Additional opportunities for prayer and events with a prayer focus are organised such as days and weeks of prayer, Advent meditations and a Preparation Day for the Women’s World Day of Prayer. 

A very successful Posada was organised in 2013 and it is hoped that this will become an annual church event.

Labyrinth: The labyrinth in the south transept continues to be a resource for prayer, retreat and meditation for all.  Additional training has been undertaken by Iris & Allan to further develop the support and resources available. Work is currently under way with Green Lane School to create a labyrinth in their grounds which will be available for both School and community use.

Contact: David Walker (Reader) 01833 650396