St. Mary's first crib set display touched a Christmas chord with parishioners who offered over 40 sets for others to enjoy

11th December 2022

Crib sets come in all shapes and sizes. One of these is made out of corks.
The set on the left here comes from Guatemala

For a bit of fun we invited visitors to ‘vote’ for their favourite character in the Nativity story. Jesus was too young to enter the poll!

The animals were the surprise winners, with Mary close behind and a sympathy vote offered for faithful Joseph.

With the 'Russian doll' set Jesus is always at the centre of Christmas

Some visitors bought their own crib sets to be blessed. They are all treasured possessions in our homes

The town clearly has some very talented knitters

The general view was that we should do this again… but for now the crib sets have returned  home where they will be on display over the Christmas period.

This beautiful set was offered for display by friends of a parishioner whose funeral was conducted at St. Mary's just a few days ago.

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