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Video Tours

Watch a tour to follow our guide around the church. You can join us for the full 40-minute tour, or choose some of the shorter clips. If you enjoy it, why not make a donation?

Virtual tour - Full

Join us for this complete tour of St Mary's church and its graveyard. Learn about the history of the church from its humble beginnings to where it is today.

Virtual Tour - Early St Mary's and the origins of Barnard Castle

When was St Mary's built and why? Learn about the origins of the town and catch a glimpse of how medieval Barnard Castle might have looked like.

Virtual Tour - Inside the medieval tower

It might not look very old from the outside, but traces of its medieval origin are still visible inside St Mary's tower.

Virtual Tour - Traces of architectural expanse

St Mary's wasn't build in a day. Expansions and changes took place over the course of several centuries and some of them are still visible in the stonework today - if you know where to look

Virtual Tour - St Mary's & Richard III

Before he became King, Richard III was Lord of Barnard Castle and he had grand plans for St Mary's. Stone carvings, windows and a little bricked up door are only a few traces left of Richard's involvement.

Virtual tour - The north transept

The north transept is only one small area of St Mary's, but it has changed a lot over time and is home to many historical artefacts, from rare medieval stone slabs to a font with mysterious symbols. Have you seen them before?

Virtual tour - Victorian St Mary's

After the grandeur brought by Richard III, St Mary's went through a period of decline that left the church in a 'wretched state'. It was a damp and dark space, and could even be dangerous. So the Victorians decided it was time for a renovation.

Virtual tour - Military history at St Mary's

During all the centuries that St Mary's has witnessed of Barnard Castle's history, the town and its residents have been involved in many national and international conflicts.

Virtual tour - The north porch

What do a loo, a fire engine and Richard III have in common? Watch this short clip and learn all about one of the more curious bits of St Mary's history.

Virtual tour - The churchyard

Traces of St Mary's history are still visible on the outer fabric of the church today. But the graveyard also gets us closer to the people who lived and died in the town, and their stories. How much do you know about the cholera outbreak of 1849?

Virtual tour - The case of George Hopper

George Hopper died in his early twenties and was laid to rest in one of the most impressive chest tombs at St Mary's. But his story wasn't over. Join us for this short clip and learn all about the court cases following his interment.

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3D models

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St Mary's Church

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St Mary's Boar

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St Mary's Arch - Figure 2

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