How do I use the Labyrinth?

Our labyrinth is a beautiful sacred space - but how can we use it to spend time with God?

22nd January 2022 Church News

A labyrinth prayer:
Leading God, you call us towards you, nearer and nearer.
As we approach, help us to leave our fears and worries behind.
May we put down the burdens we carry and give us courage to walk your way today and forever.  Amen.

Walking the labyrinth.
There are many reasons for walking a labyrinth:

  • To be quiet and bring any worries or concerns to God or to give thanks for something special that has happened.
  • To help focus your mind before beginning the walk, you may wish to say something such as,
  • “I am a pilgrim seeking…” and here recall why you are walking the labyrinth.

Before you start
You may wish to take your shoes off while you walk. This will help the labyrinth become for you a holy and sacred place.
It is important that the labyrinth area remains a quiet and peaceful place – though not necessarily silent.
It is possible that other people will be using the labyrinth at the same time. You might meet people coming in, going out, facing you and joining you in the middle. Simply step aside to let the other pass.

There are three stages to the walk – the way in, at the centre and then the return journey.  Here are some suggestions and prayers you may find helpful as you walk.

On the way in:
As you walk towards the centre you can bring your thoughts and concerns to God. You may wish to think of things to be thankful or to pray for as you make each turn towards the centre. Be aware of God’s presence with you as you walk.

A prayer as you begin your walk:
Calm me, O Lord as You stilled the storm;
Still me, O Lord, keep me from harm.
Let all the tumult within me cease;
Enfold me Lord, in Your peace.

At the centre:
This is a place for reflection and being still with God after letting go of your concerns on the inward journey.  Sadness, joys, prayers and decisions can all be left here before you begin your journey back.

Take as long as you need here with God.

Your return journey:
On the path back out into the world, take with you what you have learned on your journey.
Know that God’s presence and love is with you as you leave the labyrinth and on all the paths you take in life.
A labyrinth enables us to be aware of God as we journey towards the centre and take this awareness of His presence into the journey of our everyday lives.
The important feature of this is not the destination but what we learn on the journey itself.

As you leave:
Lord, You have been with me as I have walked this labyrinth;
Be with me as I continue my journey in You in the world. Amen

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