Prayers for healing to recommence

After the interruptions brought by the pandemic we are reintroducing the opportunity for individuals to be prayed for with the 'laying on of hands' and anointing with the 'oil of healing'.

20th August 2022 Church News

From Sunday 4th September 2022 we will offer the opportunity for individuals to present themselves for prayers for healing at our 10.30am service at Barney at least once a month.

Question: How does this work?

Answer: Quietly and with very little fuss.


Question: What do I do if I wish to receive prayer for healing?

Answer: Our prayers are offered in the context of a communion service. We receive communion ( or a blessing) and then those who wish step aside to St. Margaret’s chapel or another area set aside for prayer in the church. The Vicar and another member of the congregation will pray for you using a set form of words. As they pray they will rest their hands on your head or shoulders and then anoint you with oil – a sign of God’s blessing.

Question: How will I feel? What happens?

Answer: We believe that all healing is miraculous – our doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals share in the work of God to bring wholeness to people in mind, body and spirit. Our prayers simply reflect an openness to this work and our trust in God’s loving kindness. Some people feel nothing at all. Some feel a ‘deep down’ sense of peace or affirmation with renewed strength to face whatever difficulties they might have. All can be assured through this ministry that God cares for them and loves them.

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