Smuffies announce their charity for the year

The church under-Fives group (Smuffies) support a different charity each year through the sale of cakes and sponsored events. This year's charity is magic!

10th January 2023 Church News

“Wingardium leviosa!” – This year Smuffies will be enjoying a “Year of Lumos” .
As each year Smuffies supports a children’s charity by selling cakes, running raffles and a sponsored slide in March, this year it’s the turn of ‘Lumos’, the children’s charity founded by author JK Rowling and Baroness Emma Nicholson –

Lumos works in Moldova, Bulgaria, Czechia, Haiti, Greece, Ukraine, Colombia, Brussels, Ethiopia, Kenya, & USA. It promotes an end to the institutionalisation of children worldwide,  closing orphanages and instead, redirect their funds toward community-based solutions that support children in their homes.

Some of Smuffies’ crafts (and bakes!) this year will have an element of Harry Potter magic about them: Smuffies meet in the Parish Hall on Tuesdays during term time from 1.00pm – 3.00pm

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