Edwardian era and the 20th Century

As St Mary's finds ways to remember the century's wars, its church community grows outwards!

Edwardian era and the 20th Century

1904 The South African War Memorial is dedicated

1906-1914 The Colours of the Durham Militia and Durham Light Infantry 4th Battalion are laid up in St Mary’s

1911-12 A metalwork chancel screen is installed

1923 A new oak pulpit is installed, and oak WW1 Memorial doors in the tower porch.

1927 The Rising Bell stopped ringing: this told people when to wake up!

1934 St Mary’s demolishes its properties at Amen Corner; electric light is installed in church; the Church Institute (formerly Unitarian Church) on Newgate is bought and licensed for worship.

1945-49 The Curfew Bell stopped ringing: this told people when they should be home at night-time.

1957 The metalwork chancel screen is removed, the font moves from the tower porch to the north transept; the organ moves to the south transept due to dry rot, and St Margaret’s chapel is created. St Mary’s Parish Hall is built for church and community use.

1983-92 Portions of St Mary’s lead roof are replaced and the entire roof is fully restored, along with the North Transept.