Michael Lyons on the folklore of Teesdale and Weardale

Wed 7 April 2021 / 18:00-19:00 GMT

Have you ever wondered what lurks just under the surface of the river Tees, behind a tree, or amongst the wafts of mist on a dusky evening? Or what happens when the self-proclaimed guardians of our wild spaces see the wildlife under their protection threatened?

From helpful sprites and questing heroes, to malevolent fairies and vicious elves, the folklore of County Durham is filled with a unique set of folkloric creatures.

Michael Lyons is an author, historian, writer and playwright whose works have been staged in professional theatres at Scarborough and Whitby. He has been working on ‘Bogles!’ – a musical celebrating the rich and unique folklore of County Durham – with musician Trevor Honeyman

Based on extensive research, the production follows the adventures of three questing heroes who have been set lethal tasks by the malevolent Queen of the Weardale fairies.

Their odyssey brings them into scary encounters with some of the most iconic folkloric creatures of Teesdale and Weardale, including the temperamental Hobthrush, the terrifying Brag, the vicious Wee Brown Man o’ the Moors and the murderous Tees water-sprite, the ancestor of Peg Powler.

During his research, Michael Lyons uncovered wonderful and horrifying details about the elfin folklore of County Durham, and will be giving an illustrated presentation incorporating some of Trevor Honeyman’s musical creations.

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