Big Story

We share the "Big Story" of the Bible and our Christian faith with children at Green Lane CE Primary School

I wonder which part of this story is your favourite…?

St Mary’s ‘Big Story’ is based on ‘Godly Play’.  It is a way of sharing and reflecting on Bible stories and the Christian faith through story-telling, individual responses using art materials and a “feast”.  Storytelling is done sitting on the floor in a circle and there is time to wonder – there are no right or wrong answers in Big Story.

I wonder which part of the story is the most important part….?

Our small team of storytellers memorise the scripts (because words are important in Godly Play and help us see links between the stories) and then deliver them on a rota to the children at Green Lane Primary School.  Big Story on a Wednesday morning is the highlight of the week at Green Lane and over the course of each academic year every child takes part in five or six sessions with others in their class. (For the duration of Covid-19 we have filmed a number of stories, which are shared by teachers in their classrooms.)

I wonder if you are somewhere in this story – where would you put yourself?

If you would like to join our team of story-tellers we can provide training for you. You would need to undergo a DBS check before delivering sessions in school.

I wonder if there is any part of this story we can take away and still have all the story we need….?

For more information about Godly Play

For more information about Big Story please contact Frances Stenlake 01833 637334

To enquire about joining the team contact Revd Alec Harding 01833 637018