Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The PCC is the executive committee of the parish responsible for financial affairs and the management of assets as well as assisting the clergy in the management of church affairs and the mission of the church.

Parochial Church Council of St Marys Barnard Castle with Whorlton

The purpose of our PCC is specifically to promote the whole mission of the church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the executive committee of a Church of England parish and consists of Clergy and Churchwardens of the parish, together with representatives of the laity. It is a corporate charitable body.

Legally the council is responsible for the financial affairs of the parish and the maintenance of its assets. It also assists the clergy in the management of church affairs in the parish, and promoting the mission of the church. The full PCC meets between 8 and 10 times each year to deal with these matters. 

The PCC is made up of Clergy (currently the Vicar and the Curate) and elected lay members. The constitution allows for the election of eight lay members in addition of up to three Deanery Representatives. Churchwardens (up to four) also automatically serve on the PCC. Under the Charities Act all members of the PCC are charity trustees.

The Chair of the PCC is the Vicar. The PCC is required to appoint a Treasurer and a Secretary (Caroline Knott). Following the resignation of our Treasurer the PCC is seeking someone who would be willing to take over this responsibility

Elections for the PCC take place at the Annual Parish Church Meeting (APCM).

It is hoped to reduce the number of meetings of the full PCC through the introduction of Teams who will specialise and concentrate upon particular areas of church life. At our June PCC meeting we set up eleven teams covering Building and Fabric, Finance and Stewardship, Social (including fundraising), Music, Worship, Eco Church, Pastoral, Children and young people, Communications, Heritage, and Whorlton Church.

Each team has a convenor who will arrange meetings and members of the PCC have volunteered to be part of the teams. It is important to try to involve as many of our congregation in this. To this end if you are interested in being part of  one of these teams please get in touch with either Alec or the PCC Secretary (Caroline Knott). 

PCC Matters

At recent PCC meetings discussions have taken place on 

  • The financial position of the parish and the need to appoint a new Treasurer.
  • The development of new service patterns as the position with COVID changes.
  • The setting up of the new teams.
  • The plan for Parish and Deanery courses on Living in Love and Faith.
  • Eco church and what it means for the parish.
  • Rotary’s proposal to plant a memorial tree in the churchyard.
  • Safeguarding implications of live streaming of services.

PCC Members

Following the APCM held in April PCC membership comprises: Revd. Canon Alec Harding (chair), Revd Sarah Cliff, Joan Kemp-Ambler, Allan Jones, Roy Long, Astley Fenwick, Caroline Knott (secretary), Abi Littlefair, Frances Stenlake, Bob Ward, John White, Malcolm Makepeace, Geoff Knott, John Emerson, John Trevett and John Chadwick.

PCC Minutes

If you are interested in reading about the work of the PCC in more detail the minutes for the last year are available.  You may also access minutes of the latest APCM held 26th April 2021.