St Mary's Dinner Group

Please note: Photographs from most of the church social events are to be found on the church Facebook page. Please click here to go directly there!

Guest speakers at St Mary's Dinner Group

Sharon Hanson-Cooper

13 December 2017: Sharon Hanson-Cooper

Helen Goodman MP

13 October 2017: Helen Goodman (r)

Ray Leonard

13 September 2017: Ray Leonard

Jon Warren

26 July 2017: Dr Jon Warren

Darren Moore

29 June 2017: Rev Darren Moore (r)

Ivor Stolliday

31st May 2017: Ivor Stolliday (l)

Gerald Blake

22nd March 2017: Gerald Blake

Bryony Taylor

19th January 2017: Rev Bryony Taylor

Richard Betton

15th December 2016: Richard Betton

Rt Revd Paul Butler

30th November 2016: The Bishop of Durham

Richard Bell

19th October 2016: Richard Bell

Dr Kayleigh Garthwaite

21st September 2016: Dr Kayleigh Garthwaite

Rev Anne Freestone

3rd August 2016: Rev Anne Freestone

Karenza Passmore

29th June 2016: Karenza Passmore

John Little

25th May 2016: John Little


27th April 2016: Tony Vickers

Alison Wallbank

16th March 2016: Rev'd Alison Wallbank

Sandra Moorhouse

17th February 2016: Cllr Sandra Moorhouse

Michael Banks

10th December 2015: Michael Banks

Jackie Tweedy

25th November 2015: Jackie Tweedy

Paula Ford

 25th November 2015: Paula Ford

Stephen Ramshaw

28th October 2015: Captain Stephen Ramshaw

Rev Martin Jacques                                                          Alistair Jenkins

  12 August 2015: Martim Jacques                                                                                  23 September 2015: Alistair Jenkins

Graham Young

                                                Kerrin Smith

  4 June 2015: Graham Young                                                                             15 July 2015: Kerrin Smith

Lesley Richardson                                                Naomi Tomlinson

 18 March 2015: Lesley Richardson                                                                   16 April 2015: Naomi Tomlinson


Peter MacLellan                                                         Neil Collin

 21 January 2015: Peter MacLellan                                                                    11 December 2014: Neil Collin

Prof Tom McLeish                                   Revd David Tomlinson

 6 November 2014: Prof. Tom McLeish                                                                16 October 2014: Rev'd David Tomlinson