St Mary’s in the 21st Century

A new century and new challenges for St Mary's, with re-ordering and renovation from top to bottom!...

St Mary’s in the 21st Century

 2007-2021 – St Mary is re-ordered for the 21st century:

  • Victorian heating and seating plinths are removed
  • the font level and all floors are levelled, including St Margaret’s Chapel (lowered by six feet!)
  • new heating and lighting and a servery are installed
  • WWI memorial doors are relocated at the south door
  • a new interior porch is created in the tower entrance and an accessible toilet in the north porch
  • a new digital organ is installed
  • a labyrinth is created in the south transept
  • a new car-parking area is landscaped
  • Children at Green Lane CE Primary School help to create four seasonal banners for St Margaret’s Chapel – with four ‘twin’ banners on display in their school hall.
  • WiFi is installed to allow for live-streaming during the Covid-19 Pandemic; partnering with DigVentures archaeological team, St Mary’s is given a Heritage Lottery grant enabling restoration work on the west wall, south clerestory windows, drains, and stained glass; the grant also funds a new church website and community engagement activities.
  • In 2021 a memorial rowan tree for those who died during the years of the Covid-19 Pandemic is planted on the south side of the churchyard.

The wonder of Christingle!

Autumn banner in St Margaret's Chapel
Eco-Church finds a home in St Mary's